The Visual Scrapbook of Photographer

I met Mariano whilst doing my artist in residence in Asturias, Spain, investigating what brings people to village life from cities. He was a quiet guy that mostly let his wife Asun talk about their choice to leave Madrid and take up residence in a village in northern Spain. He decided to leave the mainland heat of Madrid to live on the cooler Asturian coast.


Mariano did speak about the complex relationship with their son. Initially diagnosed with schizophrenia and then with antisocial personality disorder, both Mariano and his wife found the relationship with their son difficult. Despite their continued support, both financially and emotionally, it is the distance between them that has enabled both parents and child to strike a sense of equilibrium. The space affords all parties a greater sense of independence, including Mariano running a hiking group.

“Although it’s tough, we have shells as hard as turtles.”



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