The Visual Scrapbook of Photographer

December 2016


Frost (ii)

Finding the hidden beauty in the things I want to avoid (being outside in the cold).

Maytree: Traces

Maytree: Traces

Guests at Maytree not only leave physical traces of their stay but mentally and emotionally with all those that they shared their stories with.


Maytree: Dave

Dave’s desire for a spiritual component in his life led him to train as a psychotherapist & begin volunteering at Maytree to help those at risk of suicide.


Maytree: Michael

Ex Maytree guest Michael shares how he “became mad”, his experience staying at Maytree and his subsequent volunteering at the house.


Maytree: Sue

Sue talks about her experience as a Maytree volunteer and how helping those that are suicidal often feels like the most important thing that she does.

Safe Space Workshop with Daniel Regan & Antonia Attwood

Workshop with Borderline Arts

As part of the INSIDE commission Antonia Attwood and I will be running a series of workshops around our theme of safe and soothing spaces.