The Visual Scrapbook of Photographer

I recently decided to start a mini project called Faces of Kentish Town, combining my love of faces and my curiosity about the people that I meet in Kentish Town (north London). So I’ve started photographing people I meet in the area and asking them three simple questions. Here’s Julia.


What is your name?
Julia Schuster.

What brings you here today?
The current exhibition at Free Space Project: ‘Traces’ at Kentish Town Health Centre.

What do you like about your face and why?
I like the honesty and vulnerability in my eyes.
I like the softness of my cheeks.
I like the tiny fracture on the bridge of my nose, it reminds me of a lesson I had to learn.
I like the way my face lights up when I am happy and how I can find different people resembled in it… One day I look more like one of my sisters, then sometimes more like the other.

I like that sometimes, unexpectedly, I find my grandmother mirrored in my face and this brings her back to me even though she’s no longer around since I am 15.

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